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The Summit

I have to say, my expectations for the Best-Selling Summit and Golden Gala Awards were very high after working with DNA on Against The Grain and also filming with them for America’s Premier Experts.

To my surprise, DNA managed to EXCEED those expectations. From the opening cocktail reception to the gala after-party, everything was first class. DNA managed to give us the royal treatment while at the same time making us feel “at home”. This is an extremely difficult task – bringing hundreds of Type A personalities into one room and managing to [almost instantaneously] make them feel like family.

Since the Gala, I’ve leveraged the exposure gained from the book and attending the Golden Gala Awards to secure my first speaking engagement November 2, 2013 in Los Angeles. I have also been a guest on a national radio show “Money for Lunch” and contacted by a local news station to do a “Making A Difference” piece – which will give great exposure not only to my companies but to my non-profit organization.

Working with DNA has changed both my professional and personal life. I am forever grateful and will be a life-long client.

– Aly Benitez


In response to your request for a note on the Summit in Hollywood, let me start by saying what an amazing event it was!  The opportunity to have Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins, Leigh Steinberg, and the “real” Rudy all at the same event along with 200+ best-selling authors was fantastic.  In addition, the content that you, Jack, Greg and Lindsay shared was excellent.  Then there were the thought leaders and BMOY candidates, which I enjoyed being one of, that brought incredible insights and information on how to improve both in business and in life.  We haven’t even talked about how great the red carpet event was to attend, the bowling night, or the band that you had for the post-party following the awards themselves.  Seeing the excitement and expressions on the faces of all of the authors receiving their awards is special too!

Overall the event was a smashing success in my opinion and I look forward with great anticipation to next year’s event.  I want to thank you and the team again for a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime!  We are all extremely fortunate to have you and the DNA team working with us to create and promote all of the products and services you offer.  The Summit provided a great deal of value, allowed me to network and build new friendships, and brought experts in multiple fields from all over the world together to teach, learn and celebrate.  That combination of events and opportunities is difficult to find and the experiences are impossible to replace.

-Andy Eilers


In an awe-inspiring several days, culminating with the Friday Night Gala Award, the interaction with other writers and success stories around the world was a lifetime opportunity and a forever memorable event that will be part of the scope of my lifetime.

Being in the same room, where the famous first Oscar awards were given and receiving a Quilly Award allowed for a nostalgic reflection backwards to the past and a future of hope that the award may provide.

Next year can’t arrive fast enough for me to relive the experience again.

Many thanks to DNA and all those who have had any hand in make me a part of this monumental life event.

-Myles Miller


Full Props to J.W. Dicks and Nick Nanton and their crew for an unbelievable Celebrity Experience right in the heart of Hollywood. The Red Carpet  awards ceremony that they put on was simply a blast. Not only were they able to recreate the festive and fun look and feel of a real Hollywood awards ceremony, they also imparted an incredible amount of invaluable “how-to”marketing information, all in a fun and upbeat way. They did all of this while giving us the opportunity to rub elbows and converse with real celebrities like Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins and “Rudy” Reuttiger, and mastermind with a bevy of like-minded incredibly talented and dedicated men and women.

These guys are the real deal. Using their proven methods of promoting my celebrity/expert status, I was recently sought after and interviewed by the LA Times — and my business is located in a small town in rural upstate New York! They are generous, giving and provide unbelievable value for your investment. Furthermore, these guys really know how to party!! When you’re with them it’s impossible to tell the separation between the work and play.

I can’t say enough good things about Dicks and Nanton and their team. As was evident by the success and diversity of the attendees, their methods can be applied with fantastic results to any business. You cannot go wrong by giving them a try.”

-William Caldon


I put my thoughts and words and appreciation into a picture. The DNA Team is a wonderful organization that is infused with delivering exceptional service from start to finish. My journey, as memorialized in our road map together, stands as a testament to the fact that when you are lost – you have to admit it and then use a different map.

Our map together is just beginning. I promise  to stretch your boundaries as you have stretched me!

-Craig Lack


A thrill ran up my spine as I stepped jubilantly up the stairs to receive my Quilly Award at the Golden Gala Awards! I felt like I was at the Academy Awards, which was appropriate since the same designers create the awards for both events. Looking out at the cheering crowd, I felt fulfilled. My dream had been answered. I’m dreaming a new dream that next year I will be back.

-Christina Chitwood-Parkin


In a crowded and competitive market place, it is a challenge to stand out if you are not equipped with the right tools and techniques to position yourself as the go to expert. For me to effectively find and serve my tribe, it is important that I position myself in the right place, with the right message, at the right time with the right medium. This was my next level of growth when I started working with DNAgency.

My names are Njeru Nthigah and I am a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach. I am President of The Leaders University, a company that specializes in transformational leadership development, personal leadership training and professional coaching.

Words may not fully express my gratitude for the opportunity to work with Jack, Nick, Greg and Bobby D! They are masters at helping you to brand yourself. They are true professionals who walk their talk and lead by example. From the very beginning at the point of selection, to the process of writing, their support has been timely and invaluable to me. They are creative, daring and out of the box thinkers! They aim to get the best out of you.!

I have been a student of Brian Tracy over the years and I have to pinch myself most of the time when I look at the best selling book “Change Agents” that we have co-authored together! It blows my mind! When I look at my Quilly award, I am reminded of the Hollywood Red Carpet evening – a night filled with pride, class, celebration, association with success, fun and most of all the joining of the amazing DNAgency extended family.

I look forward to working with DNAgency in the months and years to come. If you want success in your life, then learn from those who have achieved it. I consider it an absolute honor to learn from this team. There is no doubt in my mind that their highest  commitment is to have each and every one of their clients WIN

I am certainly open to reword or corrections if need be. Thank you for this opportunity.

-Njeru Nthigah


Thanks for putting together such a wonderful event.  I almost decided not to come because of some pressing personal issues. I struggled with the decision, but my intuition told me that I needed to put my issues aside and come out to the Best-Sellers Summit and I’m so glad that I did!  I’m not sure where to start because I had so many amazing experiences!  The Roosevelt Hotel was such a great venue, and the events that the DNA Agency put on was top notch, truly informative and made everyone feel special.  The best experience for me was the relationships that developed with the other Best-Selling Authors and random celebrities that I met at the venue.  Meeting people from all over the globe and we put together a mastermind group with a few others that I shared a similar field with.   The speakers were great, Rudy, Leigh Steinberg and especially meeting Tom Hopkins.  He changed my life when I was just starting out in sales at age 19 and was amazing to meet him.  I have just started to send out the press release to my local media and I am looking forward to the response.  I have already brought on a couple of new clients that were on the fence and them knowing that I had a Best-Selling book was what pushed them off of the fence to do business with me!  I look forward to future events and I am humbled to be working with such an amazing group.

-Patrick Mueller