Welcome to the National Academy Of Best-Selling Authors®

About the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®

The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors® was formed in May 26, 2010 for the purpose of recognizing and promoting the accomplishments of authors worldwide.

It is our belief that all authors deserve recognition for their time devoted to putting thoughts to paper to share with others. This is as true for the child who writes a book in school as it is for the most accomplished author with multiple books and thousands of sales.

Because of the obvious difficulty of recognizing everyone, we created a threshold level of recognition using lists created by the biggest, most reputable book retailers, namely Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. We started with them because they have the largest number of authors on their list, allowing us to recognize the most people. We have also added the Wall Street Journal list and The New York Times list, both respected lists in the book community.

The Academy holds the Trademark for “Best-Selling Author®,” awarded to it by the United States Patent Trademark office, and we are authorized to certify authors based on the criteria laid out by us. An author may submit their name for consideration or a publishing house may do so on behalf of an author or group of authors. We require proof of appearance on a Best-Seller list recognized by us, which may be provided in the form of an electronic photo or other means representative of reaching one of our recognized lists.

There is no cost for anyone to be recognized for your accomplishment of becoming a Best-Selling Author® when your proof is received.

If you would like to join our Association and receive our formal Certificate of recognition as a Best-Selling Author® a fee is required for this service.

If you would like to attend our Best-Selling Author® Golden Gala and Awards Ceremony held in Hollywood each year, you can walk the red carpet and receive a Quilly® Award.  A fee is also required for these services.

To get your application and a list of benefits, terms and cost, please click here.

Each year our board recognizes one or more individuals for outstanding achievement as an author with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Recommendations from publishers and authors are welcomed and may be submitted here.

We appreciate your interest in the Academy and welcome nominations for applicable authors by filling out the application form here.