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Jim Zaspel

I can’t fricken believe it! You actually pulled off even MORE than you promised me and the other authors of the book, The New Masters of Real Estate! When I heard your presentation on how you guaranteed that we would be on the Amazon Best-Seller list, I honestly didn’t really think it was possible…BUT I trusted the guy introduced us, so I got involved in your program on a leap of faith. Now that I AM a published best-selling author at the age of 24, I love handing out my new book to potential business partners, private investors, and other key business connections…you should see the looks on their faces!

This truly has provided an ENORMOUS amount of credibility that I otherwise couldn’t have gotten. It’s awesome! THANK YOU so much!

I really do hope that you pass out my phone number to anyone who is “thinking” about getting involved with your agency. Not only did you guys OVER-deliver, but you and your entire staff were very helpful, responsive, and professional throughout this entire process.

Thanks again, Nick!