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Daniel J. Liebrecht

“Synergy. That’s what you get with J.W. Dicks, Nick Nanton and the entire team at Celebrity Press. And synergy is what you need if you want your book effectively positioned, printed and promoted. Because it’s a lot more than printing.

We went from simply an idea to a clearly targeted finished product faster and with less hassle than we thought possible. From strategy and theme, to design and editing, Celebrity Press brought together all the right people.

The result was much more than simply a published book; but rather, having a properly targeted and promoted tool, along with Best-Selling Author status, to dramatically increase our credibility with our potential clients. And for a lot less than the cost of traditional advertising.

The final product, our book, printed and delivered on time and on target… blew us away! You’ll like working with these guys, and better yet, you’ll love the results!”