Welcome to the National Academy Of Best-Selling Authors®

Billur Suu

Thank you, dear Nick, for a mind-blowing, heart-opening, soul-uplifting Summit!!

I must admit that I was the “skeptic” before I met you and your awesome team. Having achieved all accolades of success in my life, I had no idea what more a Best-Selling Author® award would bring to me.

But magic happened during the Gala! My daughter saw how I transformed a most painful experience into something so glorious for myself and beneficial for humanity.  She was so proud of me. What a role model I became for her that night. Seeing me on the red carpet glittering under the lights, my husband discovered a new woman in me. My Best-Selling Author® award has triggered “love buttons” in his brain. It feels like we’re off to a new love story after two decades of life partnership.

And most importantly, I was so surprised how I felt inside: an increased sense of worth, acknowledged, appreciated, fulfilled. I was so inspired that now I want to bring the same experience to my circle and extend your mission/passion.

With love and gratitude,


Voyager of Love, Poetess, Best-Selling Author