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Ying Han

Ying Han is an established entrepreneur, business consultant and best-selling author. Her life mission is to be the bridge between US and China for technology and cultural exchange. Her speakers bureau exclusively represents some most well-known American speakers (such as Brian Tracy and Will Bowen) for personal develop and corporate training in Asia. Ying has become an effective broker and consultant for businesses in US and China with her drive for people to cross-share intellectual and technology advancements. Her business has been exploding in the past year. She is becoming a rising star in the rapidly growing executive training market in China. Ying has founded various companies around the world, including one software company in US, one technology solution provider in China, one consumer product trading company in Japan and two service providing companies in US. She has worked with a number of companies as a strategist for their international business development. Prior to starting her own businesses, Ying had worked at EMC Corp., Fidelity Investments and Harvard University. She holds an MBA degree from Cornell University and a Master’s in Computer Science from Northeastern University. Have you been thinking globally? Technology advancements have made things move fast and far easily. Learn from remote cultures to be creative, find opportunities through sharing globally. If you have things to offer to the vast, fast-growing Chinese market, please contact Ying at (508)529-9012 or visit www.speakerstoasia.com.