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Wrise D. Booker

It takes only a moment to learn why Wrisë D. Booker, President of Reid Dugger Consulting Group, is known as the Mentor to Leaders. As she speaks before thousands of professionals, raising their knowledge, expectations and excitement for leading others, she has a unique way getting to the heart of challenging issues and the souls of her listeners. When she works with individual executives, coaching them to define their visions, operate from integrity and inspire their teams, she is a trusted and valued partner. Her books, articles and other writings not only provide abundant wisdom, but they also guide each reader through situations and exercises that engage their minds and improve their skills. Ms. Booker is a masterful leader who finds great joy in mentoring other leaders and expanding their impact. Ms. Booker has a solid foundation in pushing boundaries and developing others. As a college junior herself, her undergraduate institution, Granville, Ohio’s Denison University, asked her to conceptualize and teach two ground-breaking literature courses to lower division students. After graduating summa cum laude from Denison, she became an English instructor at University of Michigan, where she both obtained her Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration and Counseling and pioneered in psychodrama, an innovative counseling technique. At a much younger age than the titles would suggest, she next became Dean of Counseling followed by Dean of Student Affairs at the prestigious Claremont Colleges in California, where she designed progressive personal development programs. With this rich experience behind her, Ms. Booker was tasked by the business world to identify and develop its leadership talent. She became Times Mirror Cable Television’s first Director of Organization Development. Through it, she saw the industry’s need to enlarge its base of outstanding leaders who could thrust their organizations to new levels of achievement. She formed Reid Dugger Consulting Group to address this need. Keynoting at conferences and delivering powerful leadership workshops to both profit and non-profit corporations became the foundation of this successful practice. For over a decade, she simultaneously managed and expanded three trade associations, NAMIC, Inc. (the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications), the Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association and the NAMIC Foundation, each of which fostered professional development. Absolutely committed to generating and polishing strong leaders, she continues to install an array of mentoring initiatives across the country for both aspiring and seasoned executives. Her passion – the work that most intrigues and engages her – is accelerating the leadership capacity of executives and helping them cultivate their successors. Wrisë D. Booker is a force. Her expectations for excellence, knowledge and experience, intelligence and wisdom, integrity, compassion and drive just begin to define this extraordinary mentor, leader and friend. www.ReidDugger.com www.Mentor2Leaders.com