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Will Shannon

Will Shannon is one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine, the science of Iridology, Herbalism, and how to overcome incurable illness. He is the president of the Australian Complementary Medicine Association. His expertise has been called on by individuals from around the globe – having personally consulted tens of thousands of people from over 140 countries. Will Shannon has served as an advisor to leaders from all walks of life, including global celebrities, actors, media and entertainment figures. In the sporting arena, he has advised national and international athletes. In the area of politics, his clients have included government departments and individuals, including current and former heads of state. He has also served as a consultant for the legal community. Will Shannon is a second generation practitioner of natural medicine whose father Eli Shannon started the Pinnacle brand of health clinics, and products. He is the founder of BioMediK Companies, which offer health care, medical service, and education to individuals globally, including those who might not otherwise have access to medical care. He is a recognized catalyst in personal and social change, and has been lauded for his training in understanding and protecting the access of medical care to minority groups. He is committed to change in social systems and is trained in the Eriksonian approaches, direct and indirect negotiation, brief and family therapy, conflict resolution, life cycle theory, the third side, and human-needs intervention. Having trained both Western and Natural Physicians worldwide, his innovative work in Iridiology, and teaching materials have been utilized by a variety of educational institutions around the world. His work through the World Health Care Council has assisted people in the Second and Third World obtain access to life-saving care. The WHCC offers framework, guidelines and training programs for government and private sector for development and implementation of health care systems. The clinic he heads, Pinnacle Health Clinic, offers treatment to all individuals regardless of race, origin, political or religious view, creed or any other circumstance and is based in Sydney, Australia. You may contact Will Shannon at: 0404 891 784 if you are in Australia, or internationally at: +61 404 891 784. His website is: www.willshannon.com.