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W. Bruce Spencer

Bruce Spencer is a financial advisor with over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry; Bruce was born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in the Midwest. Bruce graduated with honors from the University of Toledo, School of Business Administration with majors in both Finance and Accounting; he served 4 years honorably in the United States Air Force. He then worked for two different trust companies in Ohio and Colorado. His pioneering work in the employee benefits record keeping area for the United Bank of Denver landed him a job in Atlanta, Georgia heading up an employee benefits record keeping firm whose customers were major Fortune 500 companies. He then accepted an offer to become the marketing vice president for an up and coming employee benefits record keeping firm in Sacramento, California in 1978. During his tenure he saw the firm’s client base grow from a few hundred to over 13,000 clients. He developed strategic relationships with CPAs and Tax attorneys that continue today. In 1989 he was offered the position of executive vice president to head up the employee benefit record keeping division of Lexington Plan Administrators. He accepted the offer because it came not only with the challenge to turn the company around, but also to expand his securities and financial planning training. There, he had the good fortune to work with another fellow Midwesterner who was a CFP, CPA and Tax Attorney and was the EVP of the Marketing Division. They hit it off well, jointly helped many clients and eventually, in 1995, left to start their own financial planning services firm. On April 7th, 1997 his beautiful wife Bonnie suffered a major stroke. This life-changing event required him to change the way he delivers his services to his clients and prospective clients and because of time constraints, become more of a specialist. This is why he now asks his clients to come to his home office or work with him virtually and why he decided to become a Bank On Yourself™ Certified Advisor. By offering clients his knowledge, integrity and genuine concern, he has earned a reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy advisor and friend who knows how to think “outside the box”. He teaches individuals, families and businesses how to “Bank on Themselves” which allows them to take advantage of one of the most important concepts in modern macroeconomics, the velocity of money. If they follow the plan he prepares for them they will ultimately not have to pay interest and finance charges to any banking system other than their own which means they will be making the profits the banks, finance, credit card and mortgage companies have been making off of them. The resulting increase in wealth will eventually become their source of a passive tax-free stream of retirement income for life. Contact Bruce for any questions you may have regarding your insurance or financial planning. He is happy to give you his professional experience on a personal level. Put his experience to work for you!