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Ulrich Kellerer

After finishing high school, Ulrich Kellerer went to work for six months in France and travelling became his passion. Being at Fashion Fairs in Italy-Florence, France-Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich in Germany, he got well-known in his fashion field. Ulrich started his career in the fashion business in the early 80’s, when he took a sales position at Marc O’Polo and Mason’s. His strong selling skills and tenacious personality quickly made him Sales and Product Manager, and finally CEO and shareholder of the company Mason’s. He then started his own trading company called Faro Fashion together with his wife as a partner. Faro Fashion specialized in the import of high-end Italian fashion wear. In 1998, Ulrich and his wife Inge and their Team took over the distribution of the brand Closed in Bavaria, Germany, which they have done for more than 17 years now. Ulrich Kellerer advises his clients on latest fashion styles and trends. Most recently Closed, a leading European fashion company for women’s and men’s sportswear, appointed him their official fashion broker and location scout. American celebrities and trendsetters, such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Patrick Dempsey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, etc. have been supportive in establishing Closed as a recognized brand in the US. In 2012, Ulrich came to Philadelphia to attend a seminar with Steve Harrison and met Jack Canfield for the first time. Jack recommended that he write a series of books like he did with Chicken Soup For The Soul. So Ulrich’s first book, It’s All About Fashion, started here. A media summit in New York showed Ulrich how the U.S. market worked. A further meeting with Steve Harrison and Jack Canfield in Philadelphia made his second life possible, including writing books and living for a new purpose. Since 2013, Ulrich reads for charity every week in a nursing home, where he lost his mother seven months ago. You can contact Ulrich at: [email protected] www.facebook.com/ulrich.kellerer www.twitter.com/KellererUlrich You can find his website/blog at: ulrich-kellerer.com or ulrich-kellerer.de