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Tony Sidio

Tony grew up an “Army Brat.” He lived in Japan and France as well as 8 states in the U.S.A. The lessons he learned traveling the world and constantly meeting new people have proven invaluable to him. He developed a passion for people. In the fourth grade Tony was introduced to science fiction and technology when he read Robert A. Heinlein’s “The Star Beast”. He went on to read virtually every book Heinlein wrote, and, of course, many other authors as well. He developed a passion for technology. He was an avid athlete and graduated in the top 10 in his high school class. He attended Purdue University where he majored in science, psychology and math. He was introduced to the concept of personal growth while working part time in college. Earl Nightingale’s “Lead the Field” audio series taught Tony valuable lessons which helped him become one of the Top 10 College Dealers in the U.S. for Wear Ever Aluminum, Inc. He was hooked. He developed a passion for personal growth and development. Tony has worked for Fortune 500 companies, medium size companies, and small companies, He is a serial entrepreneur. He has succeeded in multiple industries including direct sales and marketing, radio and television, and information technology. He has worked in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and other cities. Tony Sidio Consulting, his computer consulting business since 2004, was born from his passion for technology. He recently announced his Personalized, Professional Growth and Development™ company that helps people break through their barriers to success using the latest neuroscientific techniques. It is the realization of his lifelong passion for mentoring. Tony and his family have lived in the Chicago area since 1985. He can be reached for speaking engagements and personal mentoring at: 630-551-8695 [email protected] Visit his website: www.tonysidio.com for a free copy of his chapter in this book.