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Tom Tomblin

Tom Tomblin, also known as “The Train Guy” is the owner of Canadian Model Train Inc. (CMT), a highly successful model train business. From university, Tom went into a CA firm, then into the banking industry, where he left at a level of Assistant Vice President, to follow his passion for model trains. CMT has been a leader in innovative marketing in the model train industry. It was one of only 30 companies out of 60,000 that was selected for the Growing Ontario Firms pilot program. CMT has implemented new technology, using a segmented database, to create the best communication systems in the industry. CMT keeps modelers informed of items of interest specifically to them. CMT produces multiple newsletters a day and sends them out, informing customers about new products, updates and trends in the industry. As well, CMT uses this system to ask modelers what they want produced, and is able to bring new products to the marketplace as a result. With this technology, CMT has grown over 500% in the last five years into a global business, with over 20,000 customers worldwide. CMT sells to retail customers, distributes to hobby shops, and has started manufacturing their first model train product. Using the social media of Facebook and Twitter, Tom writes entertaining and informed notes on a daily basis. Their YouTube channel is being loaded with content to help educate and entertain modelers. Their current project is the first ever model train product survey, where modelers rate the products. Participants receive the summarized results, to compare their opinions with others. The results are used by manufacturers to help improve their businesses. Contact Information: www.modeltrains.com www.facebook.com/railroadmodeler www.twitter.com/railroadmodeler www.youtube.com/canadianmodeltrains