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Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is world-renowned as a master at helping sales and business professionals learn the communication skills necessary to educate clients and assist them in making wise buying decisions. Tom’s primary focus is to eliminate the stereotype of the pushy, unscrupulous salesperson portrayed on television and in the movies. Tom wasn’t born to wealth and privilege. In fact, he wasn’t always successful. An average student, he started his working career in construction, working on the old Dodger stadium. The hours were long. The work was grueling especially in the heat of the summer. Married and with a child on the way, he knew there had to be a better way to earn a decent income for his young family. In his early twenties Tom entered the field of real estate. He failed miserably his first six months in the business. After all, his only suit was a band uniform he had from high school and his only mode of transportation was a motorcycle. To top that off, even though he was 20, he looked like he was closer to age 15. Clients would come into the real estate office and upon seeing him, ask if his dad was in. After observing what the more successful real estate agents were doing, he started a learning process that involved selling skills, psychology, time management, and self-development. By the age of 27, he had achieved millionaire status through the use of his selling skills – helping 1,153 families with the great American dream of home ownership. Upon achieving such great success, Tom was often asked to speak. The talks he gave about what he did and said with clients developed into the legendary sales training programs he has offered since 1976. Tom teaches selling fundamentals—the foundational training upon which millions of successful careers have been built at live events, through video and audio recordings and in the 14 books he has authored. His strategies and tactics have proven successful in a wide range of industries and through all sorts of economic cycles. Tom’s books include the million-plus-selling “How to Master the Art of Sell- Selling,” the award-winning “Selling in Tough Times,” “Selling for Dummies ™,” “Low Profile Selling” and “Sell It Today, Sell It Now,” which was co-authored with Pat Leiby and “The Certifiable Salesperson” co-authored with Laura Laaman, as well as industry-specific tomes for the real estate and financial services markets. Selling is Tom’s hobby and his passion. His goal is to shorten the learning curve of those who choose it as a career. He makes selling easy to comprehend. His teaching style is entertaining and memorable. Tom Hopkins understands both sides of the selling equation. He appreciates the fears of both buyers and salespeople. Buyers don’t want to be “sold” anything. Salespeople fear failure. The selling skills and strategies that Tom Hopkins teaches reflect an understanding of how to communicate with buyers so they feel confident in making wise buying decisions. Tom Hopkins International, Inc. 7531 East Second Street Scottsdale, Arizona USA 85251 www.tomhopkins.com [email protected] 480-949-0786 800-528-0446 Twitter: @TomHopkinsSales LinkedIn: /TomHopkinsSalesTrainer