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Todd Delmay

Todd Delmay is a sought-after public speaker and business coach who teaches entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders how to develop successful stories that sell – by paying attention to using the right language that is specific to the individual or company. Todd’s international business experience includes writing and delivering educational programs that bridge understanding and awareness across cultures, businesses and interpersonal relationships. Todd has lead over fifty domestic and international trips designed to give participants a better sense of the world, and the inter-related nature of the global community that now defines the way business is being conducted. He has also produced learning conferences and training programs, which along with his coaching skills, have also earned him recognition for achievements in the field of networking. He has helped countless people discover the power that the spoken language has in getting others to understand them and their business, and to enlist them in supporting their goals. His presentations are valuable, unique, and entertaining. Todd founded The NET Learning Center as a central point of influential thought and action for sharing the kinds of networking, education, and training that promote business, professional, and personal growth. Drawing from other renowned Contributors in their fields of business success, The NET gives Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders the resources to learn (and teach others) the skills, attitudes and techniques they need to succeed in an international, inter-related business environment. Topics such as Leadership, Customer Service, Relationships, Mentoring and a variety of global perspectives come together at the Center of Learning that is The NET. The NET is a realization of Todd’s vision to create a community of business people who are passionate about continuous Education. Its Contributors and Members make The NET more than just a place to learn something from someone else, but a place to also learn by contributing the right information to somebody else to help them succeed. Although there are many places to learn basic business skills, many are asking “what’s next?” and The NET has set out to fill that void. Combined with a culture focused on the power of Mentoring, The NET offers a dimension of engaging with others that makes information and ideas flow in all directions. The NET is a flexible alternative to a more formal, pre-defined learning curriculum. Through sharing and empowering each other, a variety of conversations are able to reach the modern businessperson at the individual, team, organizational and corporate level. Members connect via multi-media formats including blogs, podcasts, videos and webinars. But connections and ideas are also put into action offline in faceto- face workshops, seminars, boot camps, business trips and learning conferences. As a division of the Delmay Corporation, The NET also offers companies and associations the ability to tailor complete programs for their own Conferences, Conventions and Executive Meetings – with certified meeting planners and facilitators who support everything from site selection, to breakout sessions, to keynote speakers. To learn more about Todd Delmay or The NET Learning Center, as well as how to receive a free copy of their latest special report visit: www.thenetlearningcenter.com or call toll-free (866) 848-5509.