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Thomas Fonseca

Tom Fonseca is the Keep it Simple Agent that will provide you with straight talk that you can rely on. Tom is the oldest of seven children from a Mexican American-family. He is bilingual in English and Spanish. Tom’s dad is a golf professional at country clubs. Tom went to college for turf grass science. When he graduated in 1977 he went into the golf business and became a professional golfer and Certified Class A golf course superintendent. He got his real estate license in 1986. Tom’s real estate business is centered on keeping it simple and providing the straight and direct conversations with clients that can help guide them to the results they are looking for. Tom provides his clients with a wealth of knowledge on how to get the best results when buying or selling real estate. Tom is sought after to provide his knowledge on webinars and seminars and by book publishers. He has developed a marketing arsenal that is powerful and gets superior results. He even guarantees his results. That’s the kind of straight talk he is known for. He gets results. He guarantees it. Tom’s life has uniquely qualified him with his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. He went into full time residential real estate sales after filing bankruptcy and going broke developing and managing golf courses. He came back strong and successfully, winning many sales awards often being the #1 sales agent in his office. Tom’s wife of 27 years has been there alongside him for Tom’s 26 years of continuous sobriety. Tom’s wife Deborah has also been alongside him in community involvement. Together they have moved from Orlando to LA to Ft. Lauderdale for their church involvement even though that commitment would cost them many thousands of dollars and would require starting the business over each time. It is the center of their life. They also do volunteer Biblical counseling to help improve marriages three times a week after their full time jobs. Tom’s community involvement also includes being a part of the GiveBack Homes network of agents. There, for every home they sell, they build a home for a family in need. Tom’s passion for helping people guides him to be constantly helping his community and giving back since he has received so much. The best wife, great health, a son and a daughter that are well-adjusted productive members of society. Who could ask for more? Tom and Deborah also recently saw their daughter get married to the man of her dreams. You can reach Tom at: [email protected] or: www.TomasFonseca.com