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Thomas DiAgostino

Tom DiAgostino grew up in the Monroe Housing Projects in the South Bronx of New york City. He started his college career at CUNy and then Pace University, both in the Army ROTC. At Pace, he did an internship at Reynolds Securities, a financial firm where he achieved a tremendous education in the markets, and has been heavily involved in the trading markets ever since. Eleven years later, he married his bride of 25 years and has four beautiful children. His business career started in 1988 as a project manager for Orenstein Construction. It was then he purchased his first batch of tax liens through the tax sale process. In 1992, he ventured out on his own and formed the company T-GRAM Inc., an acronym for Thomas, Grace, Rick, Ann and Maegan (he says he is the hyphen). He started as a site builder, then became a developer of small subdivisions, then bought a Superior Wall franchise that has set over 1,000 homes. In the last decade, Tom has been a rehabber, builder, and tax sale investor. His experiences entail every facet of real estate. Throughout his career, he has used tax sale properties for rehab projects, wholesales and rentals. Tom has kept current through education and seminars, adding new tools to his business practice to stay on top of the ever-changing marketplace. Tax sales are the foundation of Tom’s real estate business.