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Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is a Florida-based publisher and author. His negotiation articles are syndicated in newspapers and magazines nationwide, which are written from the perspective of the average man. Creative Real Estate Magazine features negotiating tips in monthly articles.

Ted Thomas is a publisher and author of 11 books. His guidebooks on real estate have sold in four countries of the world.

His best selling audio and video Home Study Course, SERIOUS MONEY, is considered the benchmark standard for the Tax Lien Certificate industry. Thomas' other publications have been carried in bookstores and libraries for many years. Although Thomas is best known for his comprehensive Home Study Program UP FOR GRABS - MILLIONS IN FORECLOSURE REAL ESTATE, a national best seller. Thomas also conducts live tours of tax certificate auctions in most states and conducts negotiation seminars on a regular schedule.

From that effort, emerged the most comprehensive program for lowrisk and high-yield returns available in the USA. These discoveries are almost hidden government programs that yield up to 25% interest. Surprisingly, these government-sponsored programs have been almost secret for decades.

Ted's Other Publishings
  1. Quick Start Introduction To Investing In Secured Tax Lien Certificates
  2. 3-Day Tax Lien Buying Tour & Auction Preparation Workshop On Audio
  3. Tax Lien & Deed Buying Tour Workshop Highlights
  4. Big Profits In Real Estate Foreclosure Home Study Course
  5. Up For Grabs - Millions in Foreclosure Real Estate: A 2-Day Foreclosure Workshop On Video
  6. The Learning Library 8 hour CD Set