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Susan Mary Ferreira

Sue has been practicing as a physician for forty years, and is at the time of her life where she firmly believes that inside every older person is a younger one wondering what happened. Born in 1947, in England, making her a “Leading Edge Boomer”, she has been ever conscious of and interested in, the social consequences of being part of this bulging demographic. Early in her life, she made the decision to make her career in medicine, and accepted that by concentrating her studies on the basic sciences, she would have to let go of her primary love of history and the social sciences. Sue’s love of history and its relationship with the social sciences has continued throughout her life. She completed her medical training at University College Hospital, London, having experienced the tumultuous years of the social activism of the Hippie era in the UK and in the US – again the Boomer Generation. She sub-specialized as an anesthesiologist and in 1976, left strike-bound, pre-Thatcher England for a new life in Canada. The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia have been her home ever since, and she currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia. Sue also knows the United States very well, having spent a significant time south of the 49th. She has visited every state and has a daughter, who lives in New York. After a divorce at 60 years of age and beginning a new life, a year later in 2008, she was watching the financial meltdown and realized with deep sorrow, how many folk, especially in the United States, were facing and suffering financial ruin – through foreclosure of their homes, loss of employment and seeing their savings vaporize in front of their eyes. Always interested in the fortunes of the Boomer demographic, Sue realized many years ago, the challenges that would face our society, when such a large cohort began to retire. The financial collapse of 2008 has accentuated these difficulties, not only for Boomers, who have no time left to re-build their losses, but also for their children and grand-children, who will inevitably be affected both by their elders’ difficulties as well as their own. Having always been in a caring profession and wishing to make a difference in her later years, Sue has built the community of Boomer-Bucks to offer support and advice for Boomers (and anyone else), who are realizing their retirement plans are on hold, and who need to clarify their life and financial priorities and to transition or re-direct to new ventures. www.Boomer-Bucks.com