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Suria Mohd

Choosing the road less travelled, internal reflections and reaching for the stars seem to be recurring themes in this schoolteacher- turned-entrepreneur, Suria Mohd. Though there are many words to describe the mother of two, one image comes to mind that epitomises her life: the phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from Growing up through trials and tribulations, Suria knows the meaning of hardship and pain. She dropped out of school, living her teenage years ‘pretty much as a bum,’ working odd jobs and wandering aimlessly without any direction in life. Growing up into womanhood, she got married only to find herself amidst the remnants of a divorce. She has stood on the brink of bankruptcy, gone into bouts of depression, experienced obesity and felt suicidal. Yet after everything that she went through, she emerged triumphant and is now happily managing her thriving businesses, which focus on nourishing the body as well as the soul. Suria states: My goal is to bring ancient and new age healing wisdoms to the forefront of people’s daily lives. As I ventured deeper into the realm of alternative healing, I came to understand that there are other more powerful aspects of healing, which are centred on the mind and the soul, and are impacted by the food we eat. My “aha!” moment came when I went through the deepest financial crises of my life, where I almost went bankrupt in my business. I developed a sudden rare skin disorder with a strange rash that covered my entire body except for my face. It kept me home for three whole weeks. It was during this period, too, that I had my first and worst asthma attack. Within the mess, Suria found a message: I started realising the areas in my life that were not working, were factors that lead me to the state of unease, anxiety and stress. The concept can be summarised as a body in a state of “dis-ease” thus becomes diseased, and that the body can heal itself only if it brings itself back to a state of ease. The secret to true health, Suria has discovered, is within oneself. ‘A peaceful heart is the basis of a healthy body,’ she says, adding a quote from the Quran: “Surely, in the remembrance of the Divine do hearts find peace.” It is by spreading this message through her companies and speaking engagements that Suria has finally found her life’s purpose. She adds: My mission is to inspire and empower the soul to connect with its life purpose. I deeply believe that no matter what path anyone walks in life, inspiration and self awareness are needed to fulfill true life purpose and potential. Life is always full of its ups and downs, but Suria’s serenity and happiness seem to be here to stay, for she has found their eternal keys. I cherish my nothingness, for I am nothing who has been given everything by The Creator. She declares: You cannot hurt a grateful heart. Connect with Suria on: www.facebook.com/SuriaFan