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Stuart Saunders

Stuart Sanders is a long time IT aficionado, having first used modern-style personal computers in the early eighties and publishing software through magazines in his teen years. He went on to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering and an early career in the petrochemical industry. Even through that time, the focus was on process control and computer systems/modelling as this was a natural skill that co-workers, clients and the employers leveraged on. In 1998, Stuart shifted completely to the IT industry and ran two consulting businesses before joining forces with Velocity in 2011. Velocity is another long-time IT consulting Group in Hong Kong, where Stuart remains to this day as Managing Director of Velocity Technology. Velocity Technology is the IT infrastructure and support business within the Velocity Group of Companies, and has a team in Hong Kong and Manila that provides support to clients across Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, USA and Ireland. Additional support is provided in limited cases to clients with facilities in Vietnam, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Stuart’s experience includes providing IT consulting and strategy for a range of businesses and industries including international groups, but with a heavy focus on the Finance and Financial Services Industries. He has been the primary IT strategist and consultant for a number of multi-billion USD funds and hedge funds and also a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board.