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Stuart Grossman

Stuart’s college consulting services adhere to the same holistic philosophy that he brings to all of his clients. In addition to helping you maximize your financial aid, he can help you craft a strategic plan that can help you pay for college without massive debt and without sacrificing retirement savings. In fact, his goal is to increase your assets at retirement while paying for the best education your children can get. Stuart makes his home in the Spokane Valley, where he lives with his wife, Mary Kay (a noted dietician and author), and their children Brent and Elyssa. Stuart also has two adult sons. Stuart is also the author of “How to Give your Child a 4-Year College Education without Going Broke” and is a highly sought after speaker and media favorite with his insider’s secrets on how to legally beat the high cost of college. For information about upcoming College Funding Workshops or to schedule a FREE consultation, contact us using the information below.