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Steven Renner

Steve Renner, a pioneer on the Internet, started his first Internet Service Company in 1998. From his humble beginnings, Steve has built one of the most successful Internet Companies in the world, through sheer determination, and a “Never Give Up” attitude, against all odds.

Steve’s company Acesse provides affordable Web and Mobile services for Small Business. By focusing on Small Business, Acesse has become the champion of the “Little Guy.” Steve believes in treating every Acesse Member like Family, and “Acesse Members Get Priority” in pricing and placement in the Acesse search results. By providing affordable services, Acesse helps its Members to compete effectively on the Internet.

Success hasn’t come easy for Steve, as he has had more than his share of adversity. In 2009 Steve had a dispute with the IRS, and went to court to stand up for what he believed to be right. Rather than plead guilty, Steve chose to fight. He ended up spending a year in jail, rather than admit to something he was innocent of.

On top of this, the US Government raided Steve’s business, claiming to suspect him of running a Ponzi Scheme. They seized all his books and records, and over $25 Million dollars. After 21⁄2 years of exhaustive investigation, the Government could find “No Wrong Doing.” No charges were ever filed and the investigation was officially ended by order of a Federal Judge. The Government returned the entire $25 Million.

For most people, this type of devastating blow would have put them under, but not Steve. His “Never Give Up” attitude has brought him back from the brink of failure to become one most successful people in the world today.

Steve is living proof that you can achieve your dreams, as long as you believe in yourself, and Never Give Up!

Steve adds, “And yes, I do pay an incredible amount of Taxes!”

AsStevesays,“It’snotjustaboutmakingmoney,itaboutmakingadifferenceinpeoples lives.” This is why Steve created the Acesse Foundation. The Acesse Foundation is a professionally managed non-profit organization that will fund worthwhile charitable causes; that includes providing food and health care for underprivileged children, an educational Scholarship Fund, to help talented Technology students, and aid for individuals who were wrongfully convicted. Steve’s Company Acesse will donate 5% of its Pre-Tax profits annually to the Acesse Foundation.

Steve now travels the world promoting Acesse to new Small Business Customers and attracting new Sales Consultants.

Steve is a powerful, charismatic speaker, appearing in front of audiences of thousands at live events around the world.

Here are a few quotes from Steve:

• “My Secret To Success is to have some of the most brilliant minds in the world, on my team.” “Success Is A Team Sport.”

• “You can accomplish anything in life you want, as long as you believe, and Never Give Up On Your Dreams.”

• Working together we can make a difference in peoples lives around the world.

• “Together We Can Change The World.”

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