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Steve Zahnd

With a fresh approach to real estate success, Steve Zahnd is committed to finding ways for consumers to experience a positive real estate experience. Early on in his career, Steve realized that the real estate industry was in need of professionals who gave reliable advice to their clients, not just told them what they wanted to hear. Why risk such boldness? He wanted results, not just contracts to list a property or represent a consumer. Back in 2011, Steve really focused on what he could do to ensure he had the real estate success he desired, not only for himself, but also his growing family. He went to work with a well-known real estate franchise, surrounding himself with the best of the best. He wanted to absorb knowledge and was submersed in learning how to give buyers and sellers the ultimate real estate experience. He quickly realized success, receiving recognition that is rare for someone so new in the industry to achieve, including: Masters Silver Award (2012), and Centurion Award (2013). As business grew, Steve’s abilities to lead others to better real estate success grew, too. A single man’s effort turned into a team of seven agents who all carried the same fresh approach to real estate success. Steve has doubled his business year-over-year since earning Masters Silver in 2011. He then took the next step to create a real estate environment that stands apart and on results, and opened up Zahnd Team Real Estate Advisors, Inc. in late 2014. Prior to this change, the Zahnd Team would have earned the Double Centurion Award if they did not leave their real estate franchise to open their own brokerage, doubling their business once again. Today, Steve focuses on adding only two agents per year to create a strong team of experts that do not conflict with the company’s culture, along with highly-skilled administration staff, which is essential to a successful real estate business. It’s a very interactive process, one in which the entire team supports each other, realizing that a strong team makes everyone more successful. This is appealing to consumers who are seeking out the most professional real estate agents to handle their transactions. It is also a big draw for Realtors who wish to grow a real, sustainable business. Steve makes his business and home base in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. When he is not at work there is nothing he enjoys more than spending quality time with his family, experiencing all the amazing things that Canada has to offer culturally and in nature. Steve is also a coach for his son’s baseball team, loving to use his leadership skills for helping to inspire young people to be better at the things they love to do. During the slower real estate seasons, Steve often takes advantage of the opportunity to escape the cold weather and create special family memories in warmer locations; something that many people can appreciate who live in a blustery winter environment.