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Steve Krebs

Steve Krebs is definitely not your typical fitness professional. At one point in his life he weighed almost 300 pounds, and was considered the “fat kid”. In his 10 plus years as a fitness professional, Steve has helped countless people reach their fitness goals and full potential. Steve has been recognized as one of the top fitness professionals and boot camp experts in the world, and anyone that knows him will definitely tell you that he is humble, very calm and level headed…… Steve Krebs is owner and head coach at Next Level Athletic Performance home of Steve Krebs Fitness Boot Camps. (It was ranked ‘Top 10’ in America… not too shabby huh?). Next Level is located at 9562 River Rd., Marcy, NY 13403 (that is where you will send your fan mail). Steve can be reached at 315-790-5851 or via email at [email protected]. Steve’s mission in life is to spread health and fitness across the universe while having fun in the process! Steve Krebs is also creator and “star” of the critically acclaimed “The Steve Krebs Show”. The Steve Krebs Show is a web television show that has been compared to shows like “Talk Soup” and “Laguna Beach”. As you can see, Steve Krebs is a completely serious human being, with zero sense of humor. He also once wrestled a Grizzly Bear on International Television to a disappointing draw. Bootcamp info: www.nextlevelbeachbodybootcamp.com