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Stan Jackson

Stan Jackson is a Proactive Tax Planner. Stan uses tax- advantaged strategies to provide material solutions, lowering applicable taxes. His solutions can protect assets, estates and beneficiaries from tax-consequences. His goal is to use safe, suitable and compliant financial instruments to lower or eliminate taxes.

Stan has been working in financial services since 1979 helping clients grow and protect their assets. Incorporated with Executive Business Counselors, Inc. in 1990, his firm EBC, Inc. is a DBA of his corporation. He specializes in helping individuals increase their wealth, working exclusively for their benefit, focusing on safe investment vehicles.

Stan helps his clients utilize all viable financial instruments, identifying client’s goals, risk tolerances and concerns. He provides recommendations to protect his clients’ assets, estate, heirs and income. His mission is to help you Keep Your Wealth Safe. He utilizes strategies designed to protect original dollars, while adding safe and steady growth potential with zero risk of market loss. This steady growth and disciplined income strategy will protect money from the volatility of the market. No longer will you wrestle with the question of “How much gambling with risk of loss is worth it enough for me to potentially lose my original money?” Instead, you can have the one thing that risk cannot buy – peace of mind!

Stan was raised on a farm where he learned hard work and integrity; values which he brings to his practice. Stan graduated from Missouri State University and now lives in Hazelwood, Missouri with his wife, Cathy, and their German shepherd, Dori.

Here’s what his clients have to say!

“Stan Jackson was able to solve a business problem for me, through insurance that saved me a good deal of money. No one else could come up with the right answer... just Stan.”

- Bill Glastris, Business Owner

“I have been doing business with Stan Jackson for nearly 14 years. I’ve come to know and trust him to responsibly handle many of my financial affairs. He’s one of the most professional brokers I have ever done business with.”

- Benny Recht, Business Owner

Through his excellent ability to understand financial goals and means of reaching these goals, Mr. Jackson has, through his knowledge of available plans and his seemingly inexhaustible source of information, been able to greatly improve my portfolio.”

– Robert R. Davis, Business Owner

“Stan Jackson has handled my financial services over the last ten years. I appreciate his honest, straightforward approach. I have a great deal of confidence in Stan’s ability to always put the client’s interest first.”

– John Weigel, President -
National Association
of Business Leaders

Stan spoke to the Creve Coeur Lions Club. Ken Schimel, Past District Governor wrote, “We would highly recommend him as a speaker and the program itself as a presentation to other organizations. He certainly knows his stuff.”

Stan Jackson
EBC, Inc.
Two CityPlace Drive
Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63141
314-308-9988 cell
mailto: [email protected]