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Soren Majgaard

SOREN MAJGAARD, DC, MSc You may not believe this, but my Mother pushed me! She wanted a doctor she could trust. So luck more than my own desire sent me to the USA to study chiropractic. I had no idea what it was, but actually chiropractic would propel me into a hobby more than a job. I have come to love this work so much that I’m still working at an advanced age of 77, but that’s not uncommon for chiropractors. They are a group of devoted – should I say fanatics – so they stay on the job until they die. In 1970 or so, I helped assist the Anglo-European Chiropractic College in its start up and I enjoyed teaching Chiropractic and Special Pathology. In 1985, I jumped ship to work in France after I had written a book in Denmark about chiropractic and had worked with the CEO Bent Brylle of a mattress company, who accepted my wish to cooperate with me and make a mattress to be called ‘Marie Tudor’, which meant in French, ‘You sleep, Marie.’ In other words, a wonderful mattress to help an ailing back. It was patented in Europe and the CEO Lars Larsen of Jysk, bought half of the company and initiated a five million kroner campaign – a good sum at that time – to promote chiropractic, because I became the galleon figure although I was now in France. This attempt to promote chiropractic was immediatly rewarded with a 5000 kr fine from my professional association. I declined to pay and quit the organization, but having understood that my sole purpose was to promote chiropractors, in the same way that dentists are promoted by fluoride toothpaste, I was forgiven. My mattress was certainly healthier than the fluoride toothpaste. You can read about this and my study for a Master’s Degree at Life University in Georgia over the period 1997 – 1999, in my thanks to D.D. Palmer. My book is written 100 years after his death (Oct. 20 1913). The book, I called D.D. Palmer’s Testament, and I owe the book to this awesome man, not only because of my career, but especially because it has saved millions of patients from pain and misery. I returned to Denmark in 2001, and then I went to France again in 2008 only to settle down in Coevorden in 2011. The work included working with young Soccer players in the 100 year old soccer club, Germanicus. I did enjoy it, but it also made me realize that the sport is more challenging, than I had hoped. The players continued to play on pain relief like Diclophenac, even when I wanted them to stop until they recovered. I remember my last game, where a wonderful and talented player was run down and paid for his bravery 15 minutes before ‘game over’ and he had to have his knee operated on. That’s why I stick with what I know I can handle. www.screening.eu. com