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Sonpal Rathod

Sonpal Rathod is an engineer and gratuated in mechanical engineering. He owns his own firm which deals in machinery business. Sonpal helps people through his writings. He writes on core factors in a simple way with a logical mathematical and scientific base. He helps by taking people directly to the core problems and their solutions. He writes on various factors of life to uplift their emotions – including relationships and achiveing their dreams in their hobbies as well as in their businesses. He started his writing with poetry, lyrics and articles as a teenager, and later progressed to writing on self-help, emotions and relationships in recent years. Sonpal is very compassionate writer, and his writings go straight to the heart. He has shared the stage with Brian Tracy, Nick Nanton and other similar celebrities. He co- authored the book Beat The Curve with Brian Tracy. Sonpal is writing lyrics for an upcoming Indian fIlm, and soon you will see him with lyrics and videos with International songs on online world and music sites. You will also see his landmark book on emotions and relationships soon. You can connect with Sonpal at: [email protected]