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Simon Fontaine

For the last 25 years, Simon Fontaine has been a key contributor to Quebec City business owners’ peace of mind when it comes to their IT environment. Originally from the Beauce region of the province of Quebec - an area known for the quality of its entrepreneurs - and coming himself from a family of entrepreneurs for generations, Simon has always brushed shoulders with the business world. Having a profound interest in technology, he founded his own company in 1989. According to Simon, technology must simplify work and contribute to achieving a company’s business goals. His own goal is to help business owners and CEOs achieve concrete results by taking a different approach to IT than what is being done presently— not to invest more, but to invest differently. As a businessman with 25 years under his belt, Simon has built a solid methodology that allows him to guarantee his results 100% if his recipe is followed to the letter. He combines his experience with specific tools, indicators and measurables adapted to each client’s reality. He primarily works with businesses where IT plays a critical role, meaning that business results are directly proportional to their efficiency. Simon understands the importance that IT takes up in the business world and the impact it has on organizations. Simon is the President and Co-founder of Les Services Informatiques ARS Inc. His business has more than 300,000 projects and interventions to its credit in business sectors like manufacturing, professional services and POS—companies ranging in size from 50 to 1000 employees. ARS is known for its ability to take on technological challenges and to deliver results. You can get in touch with Simon at: [email protected] ** Report information to give you a quick overview: One page strategic Plan at: www.ars-solutions.ca