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Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir

International breakthrough designer Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir debuted her shoes and accessories line to the US in 2009. With critically acclaimed designs from her native country of Iceland, this creative and pioneering fashion powerhouse is positioned to rise quickly amongst her peers. Her signature Gydja Collection, named from the Icelandic phrase that means “goddess”, is a true combination of European sophistication with an apparent American spirit. Committed to setting trends and creating pieces that help women feel special, glamorous and stylish – while being comfortable – she is melting the competition with her innovative collection. Inspired by her travels in Egypt, she put her talents to work. In December 2007, after two years of development, she launched the Gydja Collections in Iceland. Hers is a company that is focused on creating high-end accessories for fashionable women that dare to be different. Within a moment of its launch, the Gydja Collection seemed to dominate the Icelandic fashion world. After receiving rave reviews for her designs and attention from models and celebrities clamoring for her shoes, the next step was to market the line internationally. Born Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir in 1981 in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, she was fascinated by fashion from a young age. Armed with a smart business sense gleaned from watching her family’s thriving promotional company, it was only a matter of time until she would combine her passion and business acumen to produce her own empire.