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Sheila Mac

As a Southern California native, Sheila Mac is no stranger to sunlight. However, her innate ability to find a glimmer of light in even the darkest of situations sets her apart from the rest. As a Personal Coach and Strategic Interventionist, it is Sheila’s desire to teach all of her clients how to find that light as well. Sheila focuses on the ever-present opportunities before all of us. She teaches her clients not only how to seize said opportunities, but more importantly how to recognize them. Sheila shows her clients that there is always a chance to better yourself whether that be personally or professionally. Sheila Mac’s unwavering perseverance and continual dedication to being a life-long learner has lead her to become the successful Entrepreneur she is today.

Sheila Mac’s passion is helping people learn the skills they need to live their authentic lives. She is an expert on moving forward – Sheila has spent her entire life growing an impressive spiritual and fiscal living from nothing. Her unique story allows her to connect with any client, regardless of background, in order to help them reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

Born in Glendale, CA, Sheila was bounced between family, Foster Care and an orphanage before emancipating herself at the age of 15. Although to some being dealt this hand of cards may have been the makings of a difficult life, Sheila simply saw all of the possibilities in front of her. Her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to seize opportunities was first shown at the ripe age of 15 when she emancipated herself from her foster parents in order to begin working and building a better future for herself. By 23 Sheila had saved enough money to purchase the first of her successful gift stores teaching her about the profitability of running a business and property investment management. Sheila hired top interior designers for her store, then asked them to personally train her in the field as well. The focus was to learn how our environments can shape our family and business successes. Sheila knows being a wisdom learner never ends.

A product of the foster care system herself, Sheila Mac understands the importance of giving back to the community. She worked with the Job Training Partnership Act— creating a program to train young adults from foster care as well as low income homes in all aspects of retail management. Creating an open source hands-on training program helping students to begin their careers was one of the ways Sheila lead others on the road to success.

Continuing her desire to give back and motivate others, Sheila received a degree in Business Management from Woodbury University, then studied through the Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Coach Training Program, as well as Mastery University and Platinum Partnership Courses. This training along with her certification from The Ojai Foundation in “The Way of Council and Council in Schools” gave her the tools to be able to take her natural abilities and effectively help others turn their lives around and find their true light.

Wishing you a legacy of:
Love, Laughter & Light!
Sheila Mac

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