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Shayla Kiser Mihaly

Shayla Kiser Mihaly is a Holistic Business Coach to holistic women healers, teachers and coaches. She specializes in healing the split women healers have between being spiritual practitioners and creating material wealth. Shayla has been a Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner and holistic entrepreneur for over 20 years, has done over 20,000 hands-on healing sessions, and created her own multi-six-figure healing center using the same inner and outer tools and strategies that she now teaches her Divine Match ClientsTM. Born an empath, Shayla began a formal meditation and spiritual practice at the age of 14, and has always been of service to spirit. Childhood illnesses and overwhelm led her to the world of holistic healing as a young adult, and set her on her path of bringing healing to herself, her clients and the planet. Shayla Kiser Mihaly has spent a year traveling across the U.S. with a Native American Shaman, worked in development management with Georgetown University in Chiapas, Mexico, and lived quietly in a van in an apple orchard. She now resides near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA with her amazing husband and magnificent cat. Shayla Kiser Mihaly is in service to supporting women healers who are doing amazing transformational healing work and yet are struggling financially, because she knows having strong women healer-leaders who are fulfilling their missions and creating a bigger impact in the world is an essential key to the awakening of humanity and our planet. You can reach Shayla: [email protected] http://www.ShaylaMihaly.com http://www.GetGreatClientsNow.com http://www.WealthyWomenHealers.com