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Shawn Chhabra

Shawn Chhabra is a successful entrepreneur, educator, business coach and marketing executive who resides in Saint Louis, MO. He holds both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and places great emphasis on a solid education. Shawn has leveraged his educational background to become an author, coach, mentor, and curriculum creator for several online institutions. He has worked within several industries including food, clothing, retail, IT, and holistic health. He is a big believer in healthy living, and has put this concept into play with his work directly. He is very in tune with practicing what he preaches, and often writes about his life experiences to enrich the lives of others. A Man Who Wants To Reach Others Through His Passions Shawn has always wanted to reach people through education. He brings his vast expertise of business and holistic practices to his coaching and publishing business. Shawn believes in treating his clients like they are his brothers and sisters—this is modeled after his favorite Sanskrit saying: “the world is one family.” Shawn is featured as one of the America’s PremierExperts® at: www.americaspremierexperts.com/directory/shawn-chhabra.php Shawn has also been quoted on national media networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates. In the process of expanding educationally and professionally, Shawn mastered the process of Defining-RefiningTM. This is a process utilizing the continuous evaluation and tweaking of strategies in order to lower the risk of losses. He Has Put What He Has Learned Into Words For Others Shawn Chhabra has authored several books, including the #1 Best Seller: Weight Loss by Quitting Sugar and Carb (ISBN-10: 1494449285, B00GUXOCNM), and Dash Diet: Heart Health (ISBN-10: 1494966212, B00HAVX3UQ) and also the best seller – Time Management, Life Management, Stress Management (ISBN-13: 978-1495469022). The Time Management, Life Management, Stress Management is a book that shows you what it really means to stay in control of your life. Though you may feel bogged down by commitments and a lack of time to complete them all, sometimes it’s simply a matter of staying organized. Shawn Chhabra’s Time Management book can be an excellent tool in helping you to do just that. It’s Time To Take Control of Your Time and Your Life and Learn How To Do That! Shawn is happily married to the beautiful Indu, and they have four wonderful children. He understands the value of family and this is his first priority in life. Shawn and Indu are proud parents of three daughters, Anshul, Taniya, Tarika and their son Anuj (Sunny) and son-in-law Matt Schwartzkopf. Shawn and Indu have co-managed their wholesale computer business for the last 14 years. The computer business website can be visited at: www.laptopuniverse.com. Shawn has a website where he puts all of his work and practice into play and it is: www.shawnchhabra.com where you can learn even more about him and his work. Shawn’s favorite quote: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ~ Traditional Proverb