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Scot Ferrell

Scot is a nationally recognized inspirational author, speaker, mentor, as well as radio show host and television guest, teaching people how to overcome life's obstacles and achieve their dreams. He provides clients with the tools to create spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. His process teaches clients how to overcome the behavioral barriers that have hampered their lives and destroyed their dreams. In addition, Ferrell teaches a scientific, "results-oriented" process to overcome disorders, such as Clinical Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, ADD and ADHD.

Utilizing a process he developed for his own personal life, Scot works with pastors, executives, athletes, individuals and families, guiding them to more satisfying life experiences, attitudes, behaviors and performance, utilizing behavioral management concepts. He provides consultation and training to families, to provide adults, guardians, parents and children with the tools they need to successfully develop the problem solving and self-management skills required to overcome their unique challenges.

Scot is also the author of "The Success Guide to Bipolar Disorder", which teaches people the process to overcome, not manage, not only Bipolar Disorder, but Clinical Depression as well. In 2010, he will be releasing his three new books, "What Men Don't Get about Women", "What Women Don't Get About Men" and "Defeat Your Demons". He will also be a contributing author to "Power Principles for Success" due for release in July of 2010. Ferrell also hosts a weekly radio show on blog talk radio on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM Eastern. Listeners can call in to talk with Scot, listen live or download archived episodes. His show, The Success Guide to Life, can be accessed through www.blogtalkradio.com/thebehaviorexpert. Ferrell previously hosted "The Success Guide to Life" on WNIV, a Christian talk radio station in Atlanta, Georgia.

Scot himself is completely recovered from Bipolar Disorder using the process he developed and now teaches others to utilize in their own lives. He works with businesses, churches, pastors and private clients, educating them about psychological disorders as well as mentoring clients through his scientific, "results-oriented" process to defeat what he terms as "dream-destructive" behaviors.

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