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Sasha Berson

Sasha Berson is a natural problem solver. He helps small businesses tackle the most common headache – how to consistently get more new and repeat clients. In 2009, after selling his first company, Interbank, a nationwide lender, Sasha was at a crossroads. Too ambitious to retire, he began searching for the next challenge. As a successful entrepreneur, Sasha was often asked how to create a more profitable business. He freely shared many profitability strategies that helped business owners get more clients and grow their businesses. One day, a friend pointed out that Sasha has such a natural ability to help entrepreneurs that he should seriously consider turning this passion into a business. Having mentored dozens of business owners and experiencing firsthand the difficulties and stress of growing and managing a business, Sasha fell in love with the idea of helping others who deal with these challenges every day. He spent the next year researching and developing a system for helping business owners consistently get more new and repeat clients. In 2010, Sasha launched his second business. Berson Business Development has one mission – helping business owners live better lives by making their companies or practices more profitable, stable, and less stressful to manage. Since then, Sasha’s business development system has generated proven results for countless small business owners. Sasha is also a sought-after speaker on the subject of developing a consistent flow of new and repeat clients as well as finding and retaining great employees. If you would like to find out more about how Sasha’s team can help your business or practice, or inquire regarding speaking engagements, call 877-355-1144 or visit: www.bersonbusiness.com.