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Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham is a fitness trainer and businesswoman who specializes in training endurance athletes. She is regularly sought out to speak as an expert and hold workshops for endurance running and triathlon groups on weight training and nutrition for endurance athletes in San Jose, CA. As an athlete herself, she brings her personal experience of knowing what sacrifices, determination, and holistic planning it takes to push towards a PR. She has studied the physiology of movement and nutrition in college, along with many certifications and continued education courses, teaching methods from traditional, Olympic, functional, rehabilitation, pilates, and endurance running techniques that put her in line with many other top trainers, but what sets her apart is her ability to spot the athlete’s weaknesses, find solutions and get results. She asks the questions, “Where is the weak link? What can I do in the gym to build it up and create a more efficient machine?” That is how she looks at the body, as an efficient machine. “I think athletes sometimes underestimate the power and strength that comes from putting their time in at the gym, mainly because they love their sport and want to spend most of their time doing it. I teach them how to increase strength, endurance and improve their movement patterns, which keeps them injuryfree and more equipped to reach their goals.” To learn more about how a training program from Sarah Graham Fitness will change the way you race: Go to: www.sarahgrahamfitness.com or www.personalfitnesssanjose.com Contact her directly by email at: [email protected] Or by phone (831) 595-1222