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Russ Jalbert

Russ Jalbert, CFP, has been a top financial planner for nearly four decades. During that time, he played an active role in the Reagan Administration and amassed a list of accolades that boggles the mind. The Michigan-based Jalbert Financial Group provides clients with safe and proven products designed to make sure money lasts through retirement. That’s Jalbert’s current recipe for success. It was around 9/11, when the Twin Towers were hit, where Jalbert began his crusade against the risks of Wall Street. America’s ‘Dean of Financial Planning,’ Jalbert now points his clients toward much safer products and approaches, and his record speaks for itself. When the market began its ascent in 2003, Jalbert’s clients were enjoying returns of 5% to 7%, growing steadily. When the market plummeted in 2008, Jalbert’s clients didn’t lose a penny! In fact, as of the printing of his most recent book, “Rescue Your Retirement,” his clients still stand an impressive 40 percent ahead of the market. Jalbert’s current success is nothing new. The Ferris State University Graduate made a name for himself from the onset. He co-founded the National Financial Counseling Board in 1975 and was named an Outstanding Young Businessman of America on two occasions. “The business of helping people manage money is the only business I have ever been in and the only business I have ever wanted to be in,” he says. Jalbert’s most recent book is an in-depth look at the insurance system of retirement and how it differs from the market for long-term financial health. Fixed Indexed Annuity products are an example of a much safer vehicle that Jalbert now advocates. This product is a hybrid that combines the best aspects of the two dominant types of annuities: fixed and variable. The difference of the new hybrid is how the interest is applied. Instead of paying to the individual, the interest is put into an index like the S&P 500, and call options are purchased. If the market goes up, the option is exercised, where returns of 5% to 7% are common. If the market goes down, the option expires and goes away - no principle was used! As if all of these accomplishments were not enough, Jalbert is also an accomplished radio personality. The Jalbert Financial Forum airs on WMUZ 103.5 Saturdays from 2 to 3 p.m. The goal of the show is to provide the public with the most straightforward, non-biased fiscal information possible. To learn more about the Jalbert Financial Group, visit www.jalbertfinancial.com or call 248-352-0878.