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Rory Carruthers

Rory Carruthers is an author, professional musician, and audio engineer. He is also a songwriter, record producer, record label CEO, and a local and mobile marketing expert. In addition, he is also co-founder of the You Are Enough movement, a collaboration between music and resources, dedicated to suicide prevention. Rory has been running businesses since he was 12 years old. However, it wasn’t until he was starting high school that he found his passion for music. He began playing in a band with friends first learning the bass. Over the next few years, Rory taught himself how to play multiple instruments. In 2001 Rory attended Audio Engineering School where he built the foundational skills to become a highly sought after Recording, Mixing and Mastering engineer. After school he co-founded the internationally recognized record label, The Gaia Project, which focused on helping bands who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance, get their music out to the world. Rory spent the better part of his 20’s using his music talents to record and tour the country with various bands. After a potential career ending injury to his hand, Rory reevaluated where he was focusing his time. After rehabilitation he formed a band where he writes all the music and plays all the parts, except main vocals. Since then he has dedicated his musical career to helping people overcome difficult situations and improve their life situations. His band Forever Yours has gained popularity and extensive radio play throughout North America due to their positive message and sound that fills the listener with optimism and enthusiasm. Rory hopes to inspire readers with his words, the way his music has done for so many others. Rory lives in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA with his wife Carly, dog Marley and cat Speech. To continue the story and to claim your additional bonuses visit RoryCarruthers.com/bonus