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Robert Vitelli

Robert Vitelli is a pioneer in the field of human potential as well as the author and creator of the groundbreaking new book and personal growth technology entitled Being The Powerful You™. Robert also recently co-authored Fight For Your Dreams with legendary Les Brown. Along with his personal growth endeavors, Robert is also a millionaire entrepreneur and has traveled the globe for the past 24 years researching the most effective therapeutic and holistic modalities for creating lasting, positive change in an individual’s life. While finding value in the various therapeutic and holistic approaches available, Robert found key components missing from any one single approach that would consistently support someone in creating RAPID and PERMANENT results in ALL areas of their life. After two decades of research, Robert has developed a personal growth technology that consistently produces the desired results, awareness and healing in a person’s life…FAST. Robert’s has a unique approach to positive and permanent change in that it utilizes both the body as well as the brain as tools for rapid growth and increased awareness. To learn more about Robert and how you can receive his Free Special Report “Secrets to Realizing Your Goals & Dreams,” go to: www.RobertVitelli.com or call 702-538-7650