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Robert Torres

Robert Torres, a straight “A” student during his elementary school years, was recruited into the Mentally Gifted Minds program. As Robert approached his adolescent years, he got trapped into a culture of promiscuity, partying and substance abuse. It eventually led to a life of crime and gang violence. By age 18, Robert had come to the end of his rope and ended up behind bars.

While in jail Robert, out of boredom, picked up a Bible and read about a man who loved and accepted sinners. He was intrigued by the fact that Jesus was merciful to the rejects of society but harsh towards religion, it’s leaders and the self-righteous. The idea that all his crimes were all forgiven over 2000 years ago and that he could receive the free gift of righteous standing and be totally acquitted undeservedly boggled his mind, but sparked a tiny ray of hope in his heart.

The course of Robert’s life had changed which led him to help others like him to turn their lives around. By the time he was 28, he had raised a family and became an accomplished business entrepreneur. Robert founded several non-profit organizations to help families in crisis with troubled teens. Unbeknownst to Robert, religion would become his new gang and self-righteousness would become his new crime. Even though Robert had helped families around the world, his initial relationship with God eventually degenerated into religion-ship.

His performance-based religion had crumbled and ended in moral infidelity and financial bankruptcy. Through his loving wife, Ceci, he would come to rediscover God’s mercy and goodness. It was there, in the dark shadows of the valley of failure, that Robert discovered God’s acceptance and love towards him had not changed one bit from the time he was just a lost teenager.

It was in that valley of his life that Heart Transformation® was birthed. Heart Transformation® was created by Robert which now certifies accredited residential inpatient and intensive outpatient programs that provide mental health treatment services anywhere in the world. Heart Transformation® is the first biblically-based treatment modality in the history of mental and behavioral health.

It is a therapeutic approach based on how God treats the heart and the relationship, in spite of behavior. When administered correctly, it has the impact to change hearts, heal emotions and restore mental health resulting in a transformed life.