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Robert Santarossa

Robert Santarossa: AOS, RKC, also known as “The 30 Minute Real Results Guy”, is a certified fitness expert who helps busy moms, dads and teens to lose weight and re-shape their bodies in only thirty minutes a day using kettlebells, ropes, rocks, tires and more. His innovative workout program called the “Perfekt Circuit” combines the best parts of interval training, functional fitness, circuit training, peripheral heart training, core strengthening and metabolic resistance training into an addictive, results-driven program that busy people can fit into their hectic schedule. Robert opened his first fitness center in 2008. In addition to his acclaimed workout routines, he also provides a unique nutrition program called the “EZ Eating System.” Using his program clients successfully learn to correct their eating habits starting with the foods they already eat and then making small, manageable adjustments. The EZ Eating System instantly provides feedback on key nutritional deficiencies such as protein, vitamins, minerals or omega 3’s, for which Rob provides his clients with the best products available. By drastically reducing the time it takes to exercise while creating fun and engaging routines, coupled with a “full-service” nutrition program, Robert has changed the lives of thousands of overscheduled, ”crazy busy” clients in just 30 minutes a day. Always giving back to the community, Robert has trained over 8,000 elementary school students at 14 different schools through his “School Fitness” program. He has donated thousands of dollars in fitness to charities and fundraisers. Robert’s unique program has attracted the attention of the national and local media, including CBC, A-Channel, CKLW Radio, Blackburn Radio, The Windsor Star, Windsor Body Magazine, INPLAY! Magazine, Biz-X Magazine and Simply LaSalle Magazine. To learn more about Robert Santarossa, “The 30 Minute Real Results Guy” and how you can receive free special reports, audios and videos on fitness and nutrition from one of the country’s leading experts, visit: www.PurEnergyFitness.com or call (519) 979-3238.