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Robert Reedy, M.F.A.

Robert Reedy is Director of Advanced Design Lab and Professor of Art at The University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. Prior to this, Professor Reedy served as Chair of Fine Arts at Ringling School of Art and Design, Bradley University and The University of Central Florida. His leadership and academic prowess has made him a nationally recognized leader in entrepenural, cutting edge visual arts programming. As a former recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Artist in Residence Fellowship, Reedy is recognized as an outstanding educator with over thirty years of experience teaching ceramics, design and creative business concepts in the world of art. Reedy’s work has been featured at numerous national and international galleries and museums, including The Museum of American Art at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, The American Crafts Museum in New York, and The Museum of American Ceramics in Pomona, CA. Additionally, his work is in the private collections of former Vice President and Ambassador Walter Mondale and his wife Joan, and The Arrowmont School of Craft and Design.