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Robert Parkerson

Robert Parkerson is a professional speaker, author and success coach who’s delivered more than 1,000 presentations in the area of sales, educational training, leadership and motivation. Robert has more than 20 years of very successful applied business experience in the private and public sectors. He’s the founder and CEO of RPI Inc., and with more than 20 years of very successful applied business experience in the public and private sectors is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people all across the United States and Canada with his speaking venues and private coaching and consulting programs. Robert has owned several very successful businesses and is very results-oriented, but left the field of financial planning after 14 years to pursue his dream of helping others with his passion of public speaking, coaching and training. He has read literally hundreds of books on success and personal development and has recently authored the top-selling book Stop Selling, Start Listening: The Three Keys to Transforming Ordinary Contacts Into Customers, Referrals and Repeat Business. Robert has been in the top 5 percent of sales professionals with every company he has represented and, as a result, has received many awards and honors, including the Chairman’s Award for Excellence from Mainstreet Financial Group, the Diamond Leadership Award from the Alabama Society for Entrepreneurs, and the Rising Star Award from World Marketing Alliance, among many others. Today, he’s known as America’s leading authority on relationship selling. For more information about booking Robert to teach you how to dramatically increase your production and your bottom line, contact him directly: By Mail: Robert Parkerson P.O. Box 70221 Dallas, TX 75370 By Phone: 469-215-7879 By Website: www.RobertParkerson.com