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Robert Goldsmith

If you were to trace Robert's history, you will find that his experience in finance dates back to 1978 (when he claims, "he was only 10"). With all those many years of experience, Robert is easily an extraordinary resource for anyone looking for assistance in financial planning or in search of guidance towards success. As further evidence of that fact, Robert has often been featured in the Los Angeles Daily News as a financial advisor for current events, appeared in an infomercial on behalf of a nationwide financial assistance program, and has been interviewed on cable television for ideas on college funding. Additionally, Robert has been a spoken for groups across the country including Cal-State University Northridge, The Pennsylvania Foster Parent Society, as well as, various financial advisor training events. In the entertainment arena, Robert has appeared on the Television Show "Champion's The Competitive Edge," and as a country dance professional in the 1993 instructional video; "Let's do some "Kountry Kickin," which is quite remarkable for the boy from New York City. He has also been interviewed on CBS News Radio and can occasionally be seen as the "sit-down" comic somewhere at an open mike night or belting out "La Bamba" and "Love Potion Number 9" on Karaoke Nights. Residing in both Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX, Robert is married to his lovely wife Deanna, his partner in business and in life. They have 3 kids, Adam, a college baseball official and recent graduate of San Diego State University, Samantha, the reigning 2014 Miss International and former 2013 Miss Texas International, and Cory, a College Baseball Pitcher, and student at University of Texas at Dallas. He has an affection for the "Three B's" - Baseball, Basketball and Bowling, both as a fan and an above average participant and for always bringing laughter into the world, whenever and wherever he may be. Soon to be featured on CNN, FOX, ABC, in addition to many other news outlets across the USA, Robert has been a licensed Insurance & financial professional since 1982. He recently penned his own humorous book on sales and marketing success, "You're Earning What You Deserve . . . And That Sucks". And, if that is not enough, his soon to be released book on personal finance is already in the works. If you are looking for a Financial coach, a speaker, a mentor or an entertaining trainer for your business or marketing organization, look no further than right here. Be sure to visit his website at www.RobertGoldsmith.org, or contact him via email at [email protected].