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Robert Day

Robert Day is the Managing Partner of Merchant Relief Council, a one-of-a-kind auditing firm that is revolutionizing the world of merchant processing by protecting merchants’ profits, often cutting their fees in half. Recognized as the “Industry Expert” of merchant processing by every major credit association (National Association of Credit Management, Credit Research Foundation, Credit Today, and Riemer Credit), he is a highly sought after speaker with his witty anecdotes and paradigm-shifting perspectives, giving him a rare ability to not just educate, but entertain. For 13 years, Robert was a top executive for one of the largest credit card processors in the country before crossing the aisle and co-founding Merchant Relief Council (MRC). Now Robert has one simple goal: to educate merchants on how credit card processors use hidden fees to drive up fees by 30-50%. As a former corporate executive and former business owner, Robert has a special blend of experience and an intimate understanding of the needs of small to midsized merchants as well as Fortune 500 companies. It is Robert’s personal mission to lower merchants’ processing costs in order to “right the wrong” in the credit card processing industry and protect every businesses’ profits, ultimately defending and preserving the American dream. Robert is a nationally-recognized speaker, blogger and bestselling author and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Business Journal, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, Business Week, Business Credit, Credit Today, and the Credit Research Business Journal. Robert has appeared on Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS television affiliates speaking on how merchants can lower their credit card processing fees.