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Richard McFarland

Rich is 30-year veteran of building software systems that helps companies better serve their customers. As a seasoned systems designer, best selling author and leading authority on contact centers in many different industries he brings a wide range of expertise to each client. Rich is a sought after resource for bringing multi-media communications and business process automation to the enterprise. His experience, combined with the latest technologies provided by his company, Voice4net, allows organizations to realize major return on assets used in the contact center. His primary mission is to eradicate bad customer service worldwide and create a "pleasant" experience for both customer service staff and customers alike. Thus creating an instant bridge of communications that empowers the end user with easy to use tools and toys that make doing business more fun. To learn more about Richard McFarland and creating the best possible service experience for your customers visit www.voice4net.com/bioreport to get your free report on how to create a "pleasant" customer experience with your clients regardless of the industry you are in.