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Richard B. Soscia, MBA, CFP, DABFA

Richard B. Soscia, MBA, CFP, DABFA, president of Summit Financial Services Group, is considered a Strategic Thinker and a well-known leader in Entrepreneurship, Business Operations, Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Manufacturing and Business Intelligence. Richard’s consultative and leadership experience spans a wide variety of business types and sizes. A clear and consistent record of success in financial planning initiatives, project management, developing effective business models and strategies, and providing insolvency and restructuring advice, serves as a testament to Richard’s strategic way of thinking. This standard of excellence has come to define Richard’s passion and effectiveness in helping his clients achieve both personal and corporate success. Richard is a recognized expert on a variety of accounting, business management and taxation issues. His experience in public speaking includes a vast array of business, finance, tax and economic topics. He also serves as an associate professor, mentor and an adjunct professor in colleges and universities in New York – on subjects such as accounting, tax, finance and MBA curricula. Currently, Richard leads his own successful accounting and consulting group as its President, in which his experience and knowledge have helped him achieve personal and business financial success. To learn more about Richard B. Soscia, MBA, CFP, DABFA, visit: www.summitfinservices.com and to receive your three special business guidance reports emphasizing the positive aspects of business: 1. CREATING BUSINESS VALUE 2. 10 STEPS TO SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS and 3. KEEP CUSTOMERS HAPPY, Contact Info: e-mail him at: [email protected] or call 845-427-7017.