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Richard Aritarchovas

Richard Aristarchovas is a Lithuania born entrepreneur with a permanent residence in United States. Following in the footsteps of his father who had an opportunity to work with the president of Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin, Richard has throughout his career worked with Inc. 500 and publicly traded multimillion-dollar companies from all across the globe.

An introvert fascinated with marketing, systematization and financials looking into every detail and leaving no stone untouched. Turning things upside down and inside out until they work, documenting step by step procedures and systematizing future encounters.

Richard is a co-owner of Stayfirst Branding Agency that is primarily operating in the European markets and Russian Federation serving companies with over $10 million net worth and various government institutions. Serving as VP Business Development for the newly opened United States branch of Stayfirst Richard overlooks every project and venture coming from the Americas.