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Renata Kronowetterova

Renata Kronowetterová is an expert in the area of personal and professional development. She has been helping companies and individuals around the world to reach their full potential since 2001. Renata was privileged to deliver programs to people worldwide. She was also teaching the subject of training and development at Griffith University, Australia. Renata’s expertise in coaching, firewalking, soft skill training, teambuilding, outdoor training, has seen her organizing conferences and incentive travel. She is the founder of three companies: AZ Teambuilding s.r.o., AZ Training s.r.o., and AZ Firewalking s.r.o. Renata’s programs are tailored to her clients’ specific needs. She often uses experiential learning to create opportunities for clients to step outside of their comfort zone to discover their full potential. Would you like to find out more about the success principles, law of attraction, power of the mind, NLP or firewalking? To learn more about Renata Kronowetterová and the ways she can help you to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently, visit: www.renatainternational.com or email: [email protected]