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Rem Jackson

Rem Jackson is the President and CEO of Top Practices, LLC, and the leader of the Top Practices Master Mind Group. Top Practices is a company dedicated to helping professionals and businesses reach their professional and personal goals by building their “perfect practice or business”. Rem has been guiding professionals, educators, and business leaders as a coach and trainer for over 18 years. He led the team that founded Classroom Connect, a high-tech company dedicated to helping K-12 educators integrate technology into their instruction. He contributed to the sale of Classroom Connect to Reed-Elsevier in 2001, and continued to serve as Vice President of Professional Development. At Classroom Connect, he led the development of seminars, conferences, custom professional development programs, and Web-based training. The programs he developed have been experienced by over 120,000 educators, businesspeople, and government leaders in North America and Asia. Rem’s extensive experience in sales, marketing, and senior management in the areas of education, health care, and industry uniquely qualify him to lead the development and implementation of Top Practices proprietary products and services. Rem has keynoted over 45 state and national conferences and appeared on television in Singapore, New Zealand, and on the San Francisco Bay Area program “Silicon Spin,” discussing technology and its appropriate uses in instruction and professional development. His ability to guide participants through challenging content in an interesting and informative style has contributed to his national reputation as an entertaining, informative, and dynamic speaker. Rem Jackson is available for a limited number of speaking engagements. He can be reached at [email protected]. You can find out more about Top Practices at www.TopPractices.com