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Reese Richards

Ask Reese Richards what one word best describes himself and he’ll tell you: Hungry. At age 7, Reese ran a 26-mile marathon in Montreal, Canada. When he was 8, he completed a 500-lap swim-a-thon and at 10, biked across half of Alberta, Canada through the mountains from Banff to Jasper to Red Deer. At the age of 14, he canoed the length of the Rideau River waterway in Ottawa, Canada. Onwards to age 15, where he won silver in the Ontario Provincial Boxing championships. Looking for a fun, high-paying job after high school, Reese lucked out and got in as a bartender at a local hotel pub. After realizing the money to be made at a bar (in North America), he jumped into the bar industry with both feet, moving up quickly through the ranks to management. Soon after graduating on the Honors list from Business Marketing at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada, Reese got his first taste for travel – in Mexico. Then came Spain and Portugal. And then Asia – Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong; finally settling for 6 years in Taiwan. Being entrepreneurial by nature, Reese Richards started building businesses – on and offline – in Taiwan in 2003. Starting with his first business, a dating company called Organized Flirting, he went on to buy, build and sell an entertainment magazine, 24 Seven, start a live music bar named Bliss, an art company called Zennd, launch another national, bilingual entertainment magazine called +886, and build a supplements business operating in 12 countries. Combining his three passions – bars, business and travel, Reese now travels the world, writing and blogging for his passion-turned-business: www.Bars-and-Bartending.com You can connect with Reese at: www.Twitter.com/reeserichards www.Facebook.com/reeserichards SBI – the only all-in-one package of process, software, guidance, and help to get you started online: www.DiySiteSolutions.com